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The Proper Steps Following Water Damage at Home or Work

6/26/2017 (Permalink)

The Proper Steps Following Water Damage at Home or Work

Water damage restoration is not an option when a home or business finds water damage. Whether it’s an inside job from a leak or sewer problem or an outside job caused by flood waters, water damage is not something that can be ignored for even a moment. Every second counts when water damage occurs in a building. The more time water is left sitting, the faster mold occurs and the more damage the water does to the structure. There are specific steps to take when someone finds water in the home or water in the business, and they’re outlined right here.

Call for Emergency Water Restoration Services

There is not a second to waste when water in the home or water in the business is a problem. Call immediately for help. Water restoration companies are open 24-hours per day. Water and flood damage are not things that honor nights or weekends or even holidays, so that’s why these professionals are always in the office to provide immediate restoration and mitigation services to people who find water in the home or water in the business.

Call Insurance About Water in the Home or Water in the Business

Before anyone does anything else, it’s imperative to call for insurance adjusters to come assess the situation. They’ll need to see how much damage was done when flood damage or other water was introduced to a house or office, and they’ll need to figure out how much they owe you to handle this situation.

Wait for Inspection

Before the water cleanup process begins, professional restoration companies inspect the water or flood damage. This step is not a waste of time. It’s imperative they do this to ensure there is nothing else of concern. The water is tested to see if its clean water or contaminated water, they see the property, and they figure out what it will take to fix this issue for a home or business owner.

Water Cleanup and the Drying Process

Once the inspect process is complete, it’s time to begin the water cleanup and drying process. Professional equipment is brought into the home or office affected by water to clean it up. It’s vacuumed up with this equipment, and the water is disposed of properly depending on what kind of water it is and whether it’s contaminated. Once this occurs, the drying process begins. Pros use equipment that can reach places a fan can’t get to so it helps with the process of drying these areas. This ensures nothing is missed, and no moisture is left behind for mold to find and begin its own growth.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is a simple one, but it does require the use of professional equipment. Once it occurs, it’s time for affected items to go through an extensive professional cleaning. Everything furniture to clothing and décor that is wet from flood waters or other damaging water must be cleaned professionally. This is especially true when the moisture damage is from sewage or another form of contaminated water.

The Restoration and Mitigation Process

This is the final process. This one might involve the help of a contractor if drywall must be replaced. It’s the act of putting everything in a home or office back together. It might be as simple as replacing drywall and painting a small area or it might be more complicated. Some damage requires major reconstruction and mitigation. The longer it is wet, the more damage occurs.

It’s a safe idea to call a professional right away to avoid as much damage as possible. The more damage is prevented when flood damage or other water enter a home or office, the less expensive and invasive it is to treat the issues later. Don’t let things sit while figuring out what to do about the problem at hand. It’s wise to handle water cleanup and mitigation right now the right way.
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